Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Real Problem

Anyone who thinks that the "one minute silence" today to "reflect on what we can all do about child abuse" is, put frankly, an idiot. As per usual, the Left is paving the way for more abuse by diverting attention from the real issue-the child abusers!

The real reason that bugger all is being done about the abusers is the simple fact that by far the majority of them are welfare beneficiaries. If Labour had the courage to remove or prevent anyone with a bad track record of criminal offences from being beneficiaries, it would lose a large amount of its support (and as we know, Labour is desperate at the moment).

Besides, is there anyone truly stupid enough to believe that abusers would give a crap about a moment silence? All it's doing is simply diverting blame off the offenders.


riki said...

Hmm, I understand your thinking but I am reminded of the maxim 'bad men flourish when good men do nothing.' The more publicity against this evil and the more finger pointing the more dysfuntional parents must reflect upon themselves. I will say my personal belief is that uneducated Maori women with low self esteem are too eager to get strange Maori men into their homes and beds, thus the children suffer. I am not saying this epidemic is profoundly Maori but the media and statistics more than just suggest Maori women make very fatal emotional decisions that reverse horrendously against themselves and their children. Not for nothing are Maori described by Maori as bullies.

riki said...

At the risk of sounding like I'm poundering for the pedofile cause which can quite easily happen in dysfunctional NZ, I think MYspace really dropped their balls when pressured by the white house to block convicted sex offenders.

As I've stated the white house pretty much runs the internet, but how naieve is MYspace.

no one can get into private Myspace sites which most underage girls opt for. They're mostly bi and only want to meet girls of their own age.

america is hugely p. c which accounts for all the school shootings over there.And I have to say we're not far behind.

Am American I know has not had sex since he's been here in months and he's been all over the world. He's horrified at the aloofness of Kiwi girls.

So are Kiwi men which is why they all marrying Asians.

And then the dysfunctional Kiwi chicks have the nerve to kick up