Friday, 10 August 2007

Putin's Straining Relationship-with the East

Putin's hatred of the west and neonationalism/fascism are starting to have an effect-not in the United States, but in Asia.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a six-nation alliance jointly led by Russia and China (obviously the two most powerful nations in the region), is opposing Putin's claims about the West to keep relations with the West relatively good, and avoid confrontations. Putin, the alliance claims, is a possible threat to the security of the region.

The only question is, will Putin care?

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riki said...

probably since this blog Putin has relieved the British embassy in Moscow of their consuls. Britain had relieved their Russian counterparts first. this after a Russian bomber was engaged by British fighters in european air space. The signs are the cold war is back. Probably thanks to Bush whose fascist push of democracy over ancient civilisations has raised the old spectre of east-west protaginism. As the 80's rock band DEVO believed the world is being pushed to de evolution and the dinosaurs were not really made extinct.