Sunday, 19 August 2007

Simply Beyond Words

I might have to change my view on the Libertarian non-aggression principle after 600 Swiss leftist idiots (and that really is a polite way to put them) stripped themselves down to nothing in front of the Aletsch glacier in Switzerland in a campaign against climate change, somehow trying, as PC puts it, "attempting to move mountains full of ice by means of just their genitalia and their convictions".

Put simply, the whole thing is an appeal to emotion as opposed to reason. If looked into properly, anyone who participated in this event would rightfully be a laughing stock for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, the all-too-large majority of humanity today and throughout history are completely ignorant of the hell on Earth environmentalism wishes to bring down on us, and many teenage and young adult idiots have no sense of reason at all (reason generally kicks in late, at about thirty). The only exceptions I can think of in NZ are all in the Libertarianz party, or are supporters.

Perhaps one thing that libertarians and objectivists have yet to touch on about the environmental movement is the fact that most environmentalists, especially the high-up ones, do absolutely nothing to protect the actual environment. It is instead about making the general public feel guilty about their actions, and from that point "giving in" to the movement.

All to reminiscent of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot. But, of course, "real communism hasn't been tried" (This is a very common argument amongst members of the left. Yet strangely no one mentions the environmental catastrophe the USSR went through before break-up).

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riki said...

what I want to know about the 'let up' in communism is what happened to all the political prisoners in the gulags. I have not seen any documentation or archival footage of political prisoners released in the former USSR.

Has this been a HUGE media oversight or is that HUGE naievity