Friday, 17 August 2007

"The World is a Prettier Place Now"

This is a story many people would find truly remarkable. Just a few days ago, a Polish man named Jan Grzebska who'd been in a coma for nearly 2 decades, since before the breakup of the USSR and the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, suddenly woke up (as you do). He's woken up to a better world.

...And it's not just me saying that. She herself said that "the world is a prettier place now", and she is particularly impressed by the range of food in Polish supermarkets.

More on this incredible story and its repercussions at American Daily.

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riki said...

A great story of course though you wonder if she feels cheated of her life. But she see's changes for good. I wonder how a kiwi would see NZ now. I've lived through all the fabian socialist reforms and marvel talk back hosts have no idea what fabian socialism is. It's no wonder they rile at people for introducing conspiracy "theories"