Saturday, 29 September 2007

The Republic of New Zealand

There has been some firing up of debate recently, especially in the Dominion Post, over whether NZ will be a Republic one day. Although 55% of NZers are still against it (why?), top Kiwi politicians have said that New Zealand will be a Republic eventually-just not today.

But why not now? The British Monarchy is symbolic of an Empire long gone. The Queen, although she holds a lot of theoretical power, actually has very little say in the day-to-day running of things, in both Britain and here. Essentially, she is a figurehead, and little more.

A Republic means that NZ can self-govern itself. We are a mature nation, and no longer dependent on Britain for everything. The head-of-state will no longer be a foreigner living half way around the world, but a Kiwi who was elected in by popular vote.

Becoming a Republic can also put NZ on the path towards Libertarianism, as it implaces the belief (well, actually, the fact) that we are a mature people and can make decisions for ourselves-and can stop living off someone else. Plus, there's always the sense of freedom going around...

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