Saturday, 29 September 2007

White House Surrenders

US President George W Bush has been pleading to Lefties around the world, putting an image out that "we're with you!", for the obvious reasons (GWB isn't the most liked man in the world) instead of putting a rational thought in about the issue.

George Bush hosted a big international conference with delegates from most parts of the world turning up to hear his call of surrender, and even said that industrial society is the cause of AGW. Still, it's not enough for the controlling UN and Europe, despite setting aims to cut carbon emissons to half the present day levels by 2050, which was suggested by the Japanese. How that is meant to work in sync with development in the Third World, I don't know. Maybe they can just keep on starving for another century?

Once again, no rational thought has come out from this tide of feel-good environmentalism.


riki said...

We might think this generation is hard But I don't think I want to be around by 2050

Every generation thinks they've been hard done by and the poor always have been.

When the white man settled the US they created poverty. The Sioux chief Sitting Bull couldn't believe the poverty he encountered visiting Washington, it was a completely foreign concept to him.

By 2050 this world will be in total dysfunction (why do you think they want to leave here for the moon)

Callum said...

Riki, it seems you hate the US. Did you have a bad experience there? Because the US seemed alright when I went there, the people were nice enough.

And also, of what political alignment do you consider yourself?

riki said...

Believe me,

I knew NZ when it was still Godzone.

If I sound different it is because this country has become different,
and not in a progressive way.

And of course Americans are good people. I've been meeting them from places all over the States I would never have met 15 yrs ago. They're all telling me they're fleeing Bush.

Do you get the drift now?