Sunday, 7 October 2007

Worst Result Ever

So much for being the favourites in the tournament-the All Blacks were kicked out of the Rugby World Cup by the French a mere few hours ago, in the Quarter-finals, making our ending on this RWC the worst so far. Damning stuff.

Luckily, the next World Cup will be hold right here in NZ (although I'm kind of worried about the capacity of our stadiums, as they're rather small compared to what you get overseas). Because of that, I think we should be able to finally win again.

Until then, we'll just have to get over the recent loss. Although the referee should be fired.

BTW, did anyone see French President Sarkozy in the crowd?

1 comment:

riki said...

I saw Helen smiling broadly as she stood to leave the stadium

last time to see it I think

This loss is symbolic of labours losing next november

the electorates in a foul mood and wants rejuvenating.

also, was good to see Obelix turn up, even if it was to support Gaul.

Gotta love him.