Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Government Brainwashing in New Curriculum

Free, rational, critical thinking is a fleeting concept in today's world. And it looks like it's about to get a whole lot rarer, thanks to the NZ government's new curriculum.

The newly released curriculum has called for more focus on global warming and climate change (and, of course, the human impact); an emphasis on how much more important Maori people are than us; and of course, that notorious "tweaty" of Waitangi.

This new curriculum isn't about a dedication to true, politically neutral education in our schools. Instead, it is a PC cover-up for the government's true aspirations in our schools-the shaping of young and impressionable minds for the sole purpose of keeping the government in power, and furthering Leftist ideals in New Zealand. It's not about shaping Kiwi minds into the doctors and engineers, writers and artists, businessmen and intelligensia, "movers and shakers", of tomorrow. For instance, lets take the classic example of climate change. Instead of leaving it to the proper realm of politically neutral science, it is brought to the forefront-with all the more emphasis on human causes such as business, industry and technological development, which inevitably leads to, in their later years, these children falsely laying the blame on capitalism-and the want to slit industry by the throat, and lead us back into the Middle Ages.

No, this is not an exaggeration. This is the governments real want-control, control control over people's lives.

Another example is the emphasis on the "tweaty". The Treaty of Waitangi is the primary reason, among many, that keeps race relations so far behind in NZ. Rather than having one single Kiwi culture, where everyone makes their own contribution, the Treaty and the whole concept of race relations sorts NZ into two categories: them and us. It's the same basic problem that surrounds any ideology based on human traits, as opposed to humanity as a whole. The Treaty is used to make people today apologize for what happened 200 years ago. We have to apoloize for events that were completely out of our control-because of someone that is also out of our control-our skin colour!

Here's an idea for the curriculum: go back to tried and true methods. Abolish all the PC crap. Focus on knowledge, and its application-not just whizzing us through school in the hope that drunken teenagers will educate themselves. Bring back proper discipline-and then children will really learn!

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Ross said...

Sometimes I think that a private school system wouldin't be to bad, the goverment wouldin't be able to interfere and parents may have a better role in what is taught. I probobly wouldin't say make schools completley private but I would like to see the goverment having less control over the education system.