Friday, 16 November 2007

Marches Against the Electoral Finance Bill

John Boscawen from Kill the Bill! is organizing two marches against the Electoral Finance Bill. Please note that we have less than two months from 1 January, under the Bill, any political speech WILL BE ILLEGAL. For you jafas, the march is tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am onwards, from Town Hall to Queen Elizabeth Square. For people in Wellington such as I, the march will be on Wednesday at 12:30, marching from Lambton Quay to Parliament.

Unfortunately I have school that day. However, I could always fake sickness. :-)

Also, there will probably be marches in other parts of the country. Keep an eye and an ear peeled for any local marches in other cities.

1 comment:

riki said...

You should go to the protest

you'll be a part of history

and how much of the school year is left anyway.

Remember Lindsay's maxim

'Be true to yourself.'