Sunday, 30 December 2007

Bhutto Assassinated

It's the holiday season, and I don't intent to write much on my time off, but this is too important, unfortunately.

With political violence in the troubled Middle Eastern Nation of Pakistan reaching new highs, it had to happen some time -former Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and most importantly female (!) Benazir Bhutto, a popular leader in a country strife with Islamofascism was assassinated, in a bomb blast and several bullets as she was making her way from a rally for her political party.

It wouldn't be the first time an attempt on her life has been made; since she came out of exile just two months ago, somebody else blew up a bomb at another political rally. However, instead of killing her, about 90 other people were slaughtered.

This time, she was in an armoured car, like in the previous assassination attempt. The success of the attempt this time around was because Bhutto had her head out the sunroof, which made all the difference, even though the car was quite badly damaged, as well.

The assassination of Bhutto is just one of a long line of murders, assassinations, and terrorism committed in the name of Islam, by Islamofascists. She was murdered for being pro-West, being a woman doing a man's job, and wanting to downplay Islamic extremism. The sad reality of daring to speak out against Islamofascist evil: you pay with your life.

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