Friday, 14 December 2007

Skyscrapers -Sears Tower

The Sears Tower has been America's tallest building for 33 years. And at 442 metres, it's no small competitor -the Petronas Towers only beat it out by 10 metres. It has 108 floors, and from its observation deck 412 metres up, four states can be seen for some 80 kilometres from the tower. It has 108 elevators, for different levels up the tower.

The Sears Tower will be Chicago's tallest until the Chicago Spire is completed early next decade, which will be 158 metres taller, at a whooping 600 metres in height. This will also make it the tallest in the US. Other tall towers in the US currently planned are the Freedom Tower at 541 metres, and Crown Las Vegas at 512 metres. The Sears Tower, however, will still be the quintessential Chicago skyscraper. After all, the Chicago Spire will be a condominium building, not such a symbol of the city's endeavour, like the Sears.


Lee said...

Callum, check out the 1986 classic teen movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". It features the Sears Tower and is a good fun film.

Cheers Lee

Sus said...

Couldn't see a thing the day I went up .. cloudy and wet. Pity.

Congrats on a good year's blogging, by the way!