Sunday, 16 December 2007

Waste of Time Wastes Pittsburgh's Carbon

The Bali talks on climate change, which have failed to achieve anything for anyone whatsoever are finally over. And the best part about it was that they managed to emit as much carbon as the entire US city of Pittsburgh for a month, with over 300,000 people and a metropolitan area ten times the size, on the first day!

But with all these climate change conferences which go nowhere, it's simply an exercise in trying to look big and powerful. Even though many climate scientists, presidents and even the Pope are questioning the whole global warming consensus, motives and science, they're conveniently being ignored in the MSM to make it as if the talks are worth anything.

The only country that showed some sense at these talks was the US, because they're the only country with major influence in this issue that can't be conveniently ignored. They made the point against the climate change farce that industrial development, critical especially in the developing world which seems to be running around with Europe and the UN like a headless chicken on climate change.

And, of course, there was inconvenient Al Gore, being embarrassed at his country's sensibility. This is the same Al Gore who consistently refuses to debate climate change with anyone who disagrees with him. The funny thing about Al Gore on this issue is that it's very obvious that all his talk is merely just a political stunt, to be brought to the political forefront again after his defeat to Bush in the 2000 US election.

Finally now, after several days of having to endure blatant lies thrown at them, the people of Bali can go back to living normally without all this inconvenient hype over nothing.

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