Wednesday, 12 March 2008

"Conservative" Pope?

It looks like all the commentators who said, back in 2005, that the current Pope -Benedict XVI- is "very conservative", and that the current Pope would bring the Catholic Church back to tradition, were in fact dead wrong. Instead, this new Pope, unleashing his post-modernist, politically correct side released a series of new sins. And if you think that they'll be better and more up-to-date than the old list, think again.

The list of new sins goes as follows (from the BBC):

1) Environmental pollution. So no nation should get out of poverty, because industrialization involves pollution? Cooking everywhere creates pollution. So should we all starve because of this?

2) Genetic manipulation. Who cares about how many lives can be saved? The Church finds it bad!

3) Accumulating excessive wealth. Regardless of how much you deserve your wealth through production, investments, trade and saving. Exemptions to this sin, however, include the Catholic Church.

4) Inflicting poverty. If the Pope was an economist, he'd quickly realize that this violates #1. But hey, poverty is good for Catholicism. It keeps people's mysticism about them.

5) Drug trafficking and consumption. Fair enough, but I wonder if the Pope supports the best way to end this sin -legalization.

6) Morally debatable experiments. "Morally debatable" how?

7) Violation of fundamental rights of human nature. Yes, but such as? If the Pope knew what such rights were, he'd be an ardent supporter of Capitalism. Contradicsts #1.

So, he's as politically correct as the worst of the Left. But, politically correct with a religious twist, from a religion that's so old and intolerant of progress that the Pope had no choice but to update. However, he didn't release this list for that reason -he genuinely believes what he says. Don't ask how.

All this is strikingly similar to what the Archbishop of Canterbury said- and he represents the other faction of Christianity. Looks like all the bloodshed in Europe over so many centuries about Catholicism vs. Protestantism really did die in vain.

As was seen on Not PC, the lovely Sus of Sus's Sound-Bite released a far more sensible and rational list of real sins:

"1. Tax. All taxes. Tax is theft, Ben, and a contravention of your boss's seventh commandment.

2. Censorship. All censorship. It is thought control.

3. The EFA. Yes, it's censorship, but it's such a travesty it deserves its own spot.

4. The Greens. Having lost the economic battle when the Soviet Union fell over, they swapped their red cardigans for green ones by playing the environmental card. 21st century frauds.

5. The Do-gooders. Those who have no qualms in telling us all what to do, and always for our own good. You know them: they support all the usual causes and they're invariably white, middle-aged socialists. The worst.

6. AGW. The Global Warming zealots. Those Who Must Not Be Questioned. They are today's reactionaries and every bit as frightening as their counterparts of old.

7. Reality TV and all 20-somethings in the pages of the women's mags. Brainless, mind-numbing and almost impossible to tell one from the other."

It's good to see someone has sense.

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