Sunday, 9 March 2008

Rodney Hide's Book

Thanks to Rick Giles, I've recently completed Rodney Hide's new book, "My Year of Living Dangerously".

My Year of Living Dangerously is a short autobiography of Rodney Hide's life, most importantly, his recent years. In it, Rodney talks about how he grew up into a working class, individualistic family, his years of living and working in the North Sea on oil rigs, and his recent activities, from the 2005 election to getting fit and competing in swimming races, and his participation in the hit show "Dancing With the Stars.

My Year of Living Dangerously, while by no means a ground breaking book, is certainly good for recreational reading if you have a few hours to spare in the day. It's easy to read, and makes for good reading for anyone interested in Rodney and the ACT Party.

7.5/10 from me.


Rick said...


This prompts me to do my own review, adding in all the enthusiastic "I'm now enlightened" expletives you forgot to put in just now.

I thought you'd be more impressed than this!!!

Callum said...

"I'm now enlightened"?

Rick said...

Feel good?

Eric Olthwaite said...

That's good Callum,

How about a review of something by a woman? Or a non-westerner?

Callum said...

Hey now Eric,

I only posted this review because Rick was looking out for it.