Monday, 12 May 2008

Libz Conference '08

I had the pleasure of attending the Libertarianz Annual Conference for 2008 on Saturday in Auckland. And although it wasn't in as nice a venue as last time's Wellington conference, it went very well, and I got to meet the lovely Sus, Annie Fox, Tim Wikiriwhi, *the* Elijah Lineberry, plus a whole lot of members old and new from the Libertarianz. We unrolled part of our election campaign, such as Libz TV (to keep all our YouTube campaign videos) and our newspaper campaign, which will be in the Sunday Star Times and the Sunday News later on in the year. We received speeches from several new members.

It was also good catching up with the other members of the Libz from around the country, such as Peter Cresswell, Richard McGrath and Robert Palmer.

Just afterwards, Elijah sent me an email on his thoughts of the conference, which was his first. An excerpt reads as follows:

"I thought it went splendidly with a great deal of talent on display, and feel we are well placed for an excellent result in October."

I couldn't agree more, Elijah.

Pictures to come!

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