Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Skyscrapers-Eureka Tower

The Eureka Tower, which looks like a giant thermometer, opened in Melbourne's Southbank area late in 2006. It is 300 metres tall, which makes it the tallest skyscraper (to the roof) in the Southern Hemisphere and the second tallest residential building in the world, after Q1 on the Gold Coast.

The Eureka tower has 91 stories, and an obeservation deck on the 88th floor, 282 metres up -about 100 metres higher than that on the SkyTower. It cost A$500,000,000 to build, and was built by the company Grocon, who were also planning to build the now extinct Grollo Tower, in Melbourne's Docklands area. Floors 11-80 are occupied by multiple apartments, with floors 81-87 occupied by just one apartment each.

An interesting fact about the tower is that it is named after the Eureka Rebellion, which occured during the gold rush in Victoria in 1854. It's gold-coloured crown represents the Gold Rush, and a red stripe at the top represents the rebellion.

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