Wednesday, 27 August 2008

"Political Correctness is Destroying New Zealand"

Political Correctness is destroying New Zealand. So says Sir Brian Lochore, former Kiwi Rugby Legend and Coach of the 1987 All Blacks team who won the Rugby World Cup -so far the only time New Zealand has won the Cup.

"Our society is trying to turn fathers into male mothers. You ain't," he said to an audience of over 1000 fathers at a breakfast hosted by the group 'Parents Inc'. "We are living in a PC world which is destroying us, where you actually can't put the hard word on people when they have digressed and committed bad blunders."

He went to say, "the one thing I believe is important in life is respect. They respected authority, they respected teachers, I respected the teachers. We lack a great deal of respect for authority nowadays, there's always someone protesting.

"Respect and role models are very important in life. You as a father, with the aid of your partner - I can't say 'wife' these days, PC. You are the one who sets the ground rules. And don't ever tell me that the kids don't want to know where the line is. They do."

Graham Henry and the New Zealand Left, take heed: this was the man who coached the AB's to rugby glory. How? By doing the hard yards, having proper rules, and by everybody taking responsibility for their actions. Not blaming them on someone else, such as in today's world.

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