Sunday, 12 October 2008

Elijah Throws in the Towel?

I've noticed that Elijah Lineberry, long time rival of the Wellington Libz (especially Richard Goode), has mysteriously disappeared from the Libertarianz Candidates page.

Now, most Wellington Libz have been rearing for something to be done about him, and that's why he was at the bottom of the list. However, no new information to this regard has been put on the Liberty Loop or Elijah's blog. So currently, we're all more or less in the dark. What's happened, Elijah?

Onto another topic, eight candidates still haven't got their profiles or pictures up there. Where are they?

Edit: Never mind, I've received word that Elijah resigned after learning about his position on the list.

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Elijah Lineberry said...

Hi Callum,

My good self and seven friends (five of whom are not even Libz members) put a lot of work into Tamaki over a three month period.

I personally knocked on around 1100 doors, shook hands with around 1500 people and collectively a lot of work was done.

To be 'rewarded' for all that with a ranking of ..ummmm..bottom, did not seem a suitable reflection of what had been done.

That some people claim to be 'objectivists' when they sit around like teenage girls being all 'catty' in order to come to decisions, rather than judging people by what they actually do shows what hypocrites some people really are.

It also shows who has 'character' and who doesn't; it also shows who is 'the real thing' and who is an ankle-biter.