Thursday, 9 October 2008

What's Keeping Them Behind?

Auckland Mayor John Banks is pledging, that for the 2011 World Cup, $20,000 will be put into "a development plan to manage homelessness", and $197,000 will be spent on cleaning up graffiti around the city.

First off, the $197,000 to be spent on cleaning up graffiti. How do you need $197,000 for the relatively simple job of cleaning up graffiti? The last time I checked, it only takes some cleaning materials, buckets and a few volunteers willing to put their time into cleaning the graffiti up to make a city clean again. Preferably, however, the hooligans who actually do the graffiti should, at any possible chance, be made to clean it up themselves. But rather than cleaning up only the graffiti they've drawn, make it a several day task, at multiple locations in pink overalls. Don't just let them get away with only a light warning.

Secondly, the homeless issue. $20,000 to simply keep them off the city streets during the weeks occupied by the Rugby World Cup will do NOTHING to alleviate the problem. Instead, the labour regulations keeping them from working in a productive job, even if it is for little, should be scrapped.

And even though regulation like that is a national issue, the City (and Regional) Council can do its part as well, by moving restrictive regulations such as "Urban Boundaries", which merely serve to keep house prices artificially high. Don't require buildings to need permits, scrap the RMA, and any other such legislation that makes the idea of owning a home close to work an impossibility, even for the middle class.

More government spending never helps in the long run.


Elijah Lineberry said...

I live very close to Eden Park...about 5 minutes walk away.

The amount of graffiti in this area is very small and would probably not even be noticed by overseas spectators visiting Eden park to watch games.

The cost of cleaning it up is hardly $197,000.

As for dealing with the homeless, well, gosh, the Council should mind its own business.

If some chap wants to sleep under a bridge that is his choice...I just wish they would not make a nuisance of themselves on Queen Street when chaps are walking by, with asking for money and taking up the entire footpath...(and the same goes for people selling donations to Greenpeace!)

Sus said...

Hi Callum .. hope you enjoyed the holidays.

I rang ZB on Fri morn .. suggested all the Green party candidates might like to "adopt-a-homeless-person" for the month's duration of the RWC.

Figured as how they're continually bellyaching about poverty, etc, they might like to put their money where their rather large mouths are to demonstrate their sincerity. Went so far as to suggest that Sue Bradford could be good for six (homeless), the amount that she has to say on the subject.

Problem solved, with no cost to the ratepayer! :)

Callum said...

Hehe Sus... one would think that the Greens are hypocritical in regards to the homeless issue. Luckily for us, we know what the real motive behind their grandiose welfare schemes is, even if most Greens themselves don't.

Also, do you have your clip about the "adopt a homeless person" on your computer? I'd love to listen to it!

Sus said...

Sorry, Callum -- my fault for not visiting, so clip long gone. For future reference, Newstalk ZB keeps archives online for a week in hourly clips.

Go to Week on Demand/Audio Archive & it's straightforward from there.

In the meantime, here's a link in lieu ... :)