Monday, 22 December 2008

Last Post of '08

As things start to wind down for the year, this will be my last post of the year, and reflect on a very successful year. As my ClusterMap down the right shows, this blog has received more visitors from all different parts of the globe this year than last. I have had more people talk, email, and post on or about the Libertarian Front, and my SOLO-Youth Press Releases (all of which were posted originally here) have appeared widely throughout the internet.

So, to all the people who have posted, read, and discussed this blog from all corners from the globe: merry Christmas to you all, and a happy 2009!

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Rick said...

Catch you next year C.McP, where I expect I'll pipe up again.

Been thinking lately about how I do things. For example, giving you a boot to stick to the blogging wasn't a helpful way to go about encouraging what I wanted to see happen.

Look forward to making next year better than the last, will be in touch.