Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Gaza Conflict

Predictably, thousands of people around the world have, in recent weeks, been out marching against Israel, condemning every aspect of Israel's existence whilst ignoring the role of Hamas; TV news has been abound with stories about the "destruction" of Gaza, taking for granted statistics given to them by Hamas (such as the death toll); and once again the conflict is presented as an "us vs. them" battle, with Israel having to defend every action and supporters being shouted down.

Yet, all the while nothing is heard of the constant threat that Israelis have lived under for the last several years. In response, the Israelis have built fortifications in their urban areas to protect against rockets fired from Gaza, and are constantly on the move to bomb shelters, and living in fear of the rockets. 15 people have died from these rocket attacks in southern Israel. That may not seem like many, but what it shows is that the Israelis do not want citizens of Israel to be harmed by these rockets.

Hamas, however, does not care -in fact, Gazans dying is good for their publicity. They are more than willing to hide among civilians, which makes them harder to target. Israel targets Hamas bases and vehicles with, usually, immaculate precision -yet people get killed when there's a ton of civilians around, which Hamas uses to their advantage. Not only does it make fighting the war so much harder, it draws sympathy from the Western media.

Which leads us to another fact about Gaza: the median age there is 15. The media makes it look as if Israel is unfairly targeting children. Instead, the toll on the children is a result of the young breeding of the Muslim population.

The World's leaders are calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. They're forgetting who first broke the last ceasefire, with Israel doing nothing about it until now. No one raised a finger then. Israel should've starting fighting Hamas from the first rocket.

But a ceasefire is never a real option for this conflict -it only allows for Hamas, and the other organisations that won't stop until Israel is wiped off the map, to regroup and re-arm. Instead, Israel should make it its mission to properly subvert Hamas, once and for all, and neutralise Gaza. In fact, if the experience of Arabs living in Israel shows us anything, it's that the people there will be significantly better off under Israeli rule!

*America Alone, Mark Steyn, page XVI


Anonymous said...

Before you are blaming the HAMAS, why don't you first think why there is HAMAS at the first place.

Callum said...

What would you say? After all, Gaza has been offered their own nation, what, 3 times now?

Callum said...

^^And that wasn't the international community offering that state at the expense of Israel. That was Israel offering the Palestinians their own state. It tells you something about their intentions if they turn down their own supposed goal, then continue to bombard Israel!

Elijah Lineberry said...

Hamas exists, anonymous, because they are a lot of terrorist troublemakers and savages. Nothing more.

Israel has said 'enough is enough' and a good thing, too!