Monday, 25 May 2009

Boscawen's Lamington

For the life of me I'm no ACT supporter, but most ACT members are still head and shoulders above other parliamentarians, one such example being John Boscawen, who led the anti EFA marches last year (which, thankfully, is history).

So, it really annoyed me when a rival candidate at the Mt Albert by-election from the "People Before Profit" Party (whatever in hell that means) went up to him and put a lamington on his head. Fortunately, some others threw food at the perpetrator.

Perhaps he should be lucky I wasn't there -I'm not sure I could resist spitting at him, or something to that degree.


Rick said...

An ACT supporter did actually take the cake and reciprocate.

As and Objectivist and real libertarian I think you'd want to do better and not have that feeling.

What value of yours is connected to that emotion? Do you walk up to the naked crazy guy in Cuba Mall to spit on him?

Callum said...

... and feel what in place, Rick?

Anger (in so far as it is rational and controllable) is a good feeling. Without anger, no one would've had the fire in their belly that it takes to change the world.

Rick said...

"Contempt" comes to mind.

Doesn't wanting to spit or abuse someone come from the opposite end of the emotional spectrum as anger?

How is your emotion different in quality to the petty tantrum of the guy who initiated the nonsense?